Saving Children Foundation

Homework for 10/20

Saving The Children Foundation

With how the issue of child abusement not as profound compared to other issues, physical abusement dealt ranging from young children to adolescents is still an critical imperative problem.
Adults who uses violence on their children not only harm them physically, but as well mentally which lasts as long as these children grow up to adults or a lifetime.

Violence during young age can lead to enforcement of behaviors of aggressive due to prior experiences from parents.
Those experiences also usually lead to traumas that can affect day to day living activities such as falling into depression or having suicidal thoughts.

As for treating those traumatic experiences, it tends to take excruciating periods of time in treatments such like counseling or other available methods in attempting of relieving those life lasting changes.

I chose the issue of child abusement due to prior experiences I had as a young child.
As with my prior experience, my abusement has left me with the trauma of not being able to sleep normally.
This is due to one of my impactful experiences being beaten physically from my birth mother while I would be sleeping.

As I got older and moved in with my father, those experiences I've had before had left me with a troublesome insomniac issue with sleep causing me to be precaution subsciously out of paranoia even after over 10 years since those experiences.

I hope as the issue of child abusement is more spread and aware to others, there will be more conscious within the society to not resort to violence on young children or stop those that still hit children.

Don't let violence be a hindsight, just don't resort to it.