Question and Answers

Homework for 9/17

If you could throw 10,000 of something off of the Empire State Building, what would you throw off? Why?

If there were an opportunity of being able to throw 10,000 of anything, I would giveaway 10,000 smartphones.

As someone who is deeply into technology, smartphones would be very beneficial for users whom yet to own one.
Just being able to access a plethora of information on the net in the palm of your hand, there has been never a better opportunity to reach a library of knowledge of learning anything.

However, I can not help but feel some concerns for the evolution of technology as it does open up a gateway to be lazier or more disconnected from human interactions than ever before.

What do you find interesting? What do you want to do? What are some things that shaped you as a person?

I try to be as open minded to a lot of things.
However, I do have heavy interests in technology such as mobile tech, display tech, operating systems, virtual/augmented reality, and gaming.
I have joined in the New Media Technology: Game Development with the intent of being able to program and create games to become part of the industry.

I have always played games as a kid, but it was not until a few years ago my passion and appreciation for games have became prominent to the point of wanting to be (hopefully) involved in the growing industry.
Seeing and playing games with great narratives, storytelling, unique or relatable characters, and the impossibility of imaginations becoming real in the form of interactive art is just awe inspiring to me.

Games don't only offer just entertainment to people anymore, but can give experiences that can move people emotionally or inspire the courage to someone wanting to try something.
Games have shaped me significantly while growing up.
They have been the outlet for me whenever I felt alone, depressed, angry, or just bored.

A good range of games have taught me insightful lessons I would have not been exposed to if it's wasn't for the vast size of different types of games there are in the market.
Some game characters even became my role models to follow. Nathan Drake from the "Uncharted" series with his fearless courage and willingness of trying even if it means gambling a risk of chance would be one example.
Not giving up even in inevitables events is one imperative mindset that was good to keep in check occasionally whenever I've wanted to drop everything and stop.