Turning Complete User Response

Assignment for 3/13

What defines a user?

In the "Turning Complete User" article, it gives a brief history of what the definition of "users" meant during the growing age of interactions with the computers and eventually the web.

During the times when interactions between and a person and a computer were premature, the users were described as a developer or hacker that used a particular program like an appliance due to computers having not been exposed to the general public as people see today.

As these interactions between people and computers have become much more commonplace as times passed, the definition of "user" have constantly under went changes.

The definition of users went from describing just the audiences of developers and hackers to creative industries then to the general public people whomever interacted with a program.

The current definition of "users" is really to be understood as anyone who simply uses a service, program, tool, or whatever the person on the computer and mobile devices is interacting with.

If a person is using a Windows or Mac computers, they can be described as Windows users or Mac users which both just states which platform that person is interacting through. If you are using Chrome or Firefox as your browser, then you are a person - a user of the browser that is being used.

The definition simply does not get any more complex than that.

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