Visual Design Reponse & Type and Color 2

Assignments for 3/21

Visual Design Process Response

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

You may have heard of this quote from somewhere with good reasons as to why the quote means what it defines.

Just like a picture can convey various of different meanings, ideas, or emotions, visually seeing any sort of medium like the visual parts of web design can be powerful and meaningful to the overall web experience. With this process as mentioned in the "Start The Visual Design Process" article, the visual design aspect is not only important, but rewarding on its own.

There are mentions in the article with stepping stones and tips on how the visual aspects can start in one of few ways for web design. One of the aforementioned would be having a foundational element for structuring the website’s design and content - the typography.

Why is this case? It’s due to the nature of consistency that should be expected with design.

As a website’s distinction would be what content it features, having a based typography can lead and then spread to the rest of the website’s visuals. Having a set typography from the start can help make the blocks to design for the content rather than having to adjust into a certain limiting structures.

With modern looking typography as an example, one should expect that type of design philosophy to be seen throughout the rest of the web design and not just on the contents.

If the design philosophy is not seen throughout the rest of the website, it’s not only just inconsistent, but also dilutes the overall web experience. Not having set consistencies would be bad design practice and can cause less enjoyable navigations on the website for those browsing online.

Type and Color 2

The following link is to the HTML with CSS remake of Type and Color 1

Type and Color 2

Thousand Words Pic