Web Site Critique & HTML Design Exercise

Assignments for 3/28

Web Site Critique Response

My choice of website to critique was reddit as I often browse content linked through there.
The website is white and bright which tends to strain the eyes during nighttime.
Due to the background color being white, this choice of color tends to get the eyes more tired when browsing on the site which I feel can be improved upon on with giving the option to change preferable background colors.

The thumbnails of given content is also smaller than I'll like to see.
Given the thumbnails show an picture or preview of the linked source and content, having the thumbnails visually bigger would aid in deciding faster whether if a person browsing would interested in clicking the link to the content or not.

As far as web design goes, Reddit's website is designed with alignment and balance.
As it can be seen, alignments are found with contents next to visual thumbnails of the sources and descriptions following after the thumbnails.
Having descriptions next to the thumbnails is great as it gives visual context what the content intails and then the eyes are followed by reading from left to right with textual context of the source.
The thumbnails follwed by words of context leads better attention overall whether to keep reading or scroll on for other suited content.

Balance is apparent with the reddit logo on top and hanging the vast links of contents like an endless paper scroll.

With few improvements as suggested, this can leverage an overall better user experience thanks to more refined details attentive to all users browsing the website while really thinking about every design aspects and choices.

HTML Design Exercise

The following link is to the HTML with CSS remake of Elements and Principles of Design

HTML Design Exercise

HTML Design Exercise