Email Homework

Assignment for 3/9

Email to me 2 reasons you are interested in web design and 3 websites you find inspiring, telling me why you find them interesting.

For web design, I find the ability of great modern design to allowing to display portfolio work and making them interactive is imperative and interesting.

By studying web design, not only will it give a more insight to how to make great designed sites, but hopefully help make nice complete experience packages of content and work anyone can look across the internet and the world.

As for three websites that I find good to inspiring, I would list Lyft, Spotify The Drop, and Persona 5 websites showing attention to detail for web design.

For Lyft's site, the web design would be the standard to the modern day graphical interface of simple but concise layout. It's clean while showing relevant content to users.

Spotfiy's The Drop designs' is a little unique in the sense there are subtle animations to keep the users engaged in a magazine like structure.

Lastly, Atlus' Persona 5's web design stands out as in which information of their game is presented elegantly during the interaction of scrolling down the website adding to the experience of showing refined details users can appreciate.

I look forward to learning more of the exciting web designs that creates enjoyable experiences for all using the web.

Persona 5