Midterm Progress

Assignment for 4/12

What is your game be about?

Silver Line Alpha will be about Connor's (main character) experience during his training sessions before joining Tein.
Tein is an underground organization in the mission of searching and gathering special individuals to fight against the hidden world controlling group - Cith.

What challenges will you present to the player?

The game will consist of introducing elementary movement mechanics, platforming, collecting cubes for score, and enemy AI's to distrub player.
Would like to possibly look into cubes for power ups, last level boss, and shooting mechanics in the future.

What will the overall look be?

Visuals' aim is to have a technical clean minimalist appeal while primary focusing on the gameplay and some snippets of dialogue.

What is a tentative title?

This game's title for this will be Silver Line Alpha.

How many levels will you have?

My aim is to create 2 levels with introducing platforming gameplay and small bits of dialogue.

WIP Screens

WIP Screens

WIP Screens

WIP Screens

WIP Screens