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Assignment for 4/5

"Less Talk More Rock" Response

What does 1,3,2 mean when creating something?
Why is this so important for specifically visual creation?

There's a lot that goes on with the process of developing video games.
All from the creative aspects such as the art, narrative, music, characters, gameplay, and the list goes on.

What is mentioned in the article by the Superbrothers (from the developers of Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP), is the following advice of the creative process from Jordan Mechner who is known for the Prince of Persia Series.

The creative process can be taken and be split in 3 steps - step 1, 2, and 3.
Each step of the way of the process represent different focuses during the development of a game.

Step 1 is about the envision - an idea for the game. What does the developers want in creating something that is not completely set in stone, but is exciting and an inspiration to see the game creation through?

Step 2 - the more in depth thinking and revisions of the creation also known as the "talk."
With step 2, there's a lot of discussions happening about planning out the game process and revising any changes or additions that feels is needed.

Lastly with step 3 is what is known as the rock. Step 3 is about getting down to actually getting to the game creation developing.

With visuals in games being important for helping pave out the visual creation, the visuals are imperative due to knowing and creating the goal to reach where the game is finally realized. With no visuals of how the game devs would picture the game in, it's hard to get continue and reach to the end of the game development.

As step 2 potentially can cause a disruptive halt to the development, Jordan Mechner suggests instead of going from step 1-3, get the creative process in step 1,3, and 2.
Doing this can help lead the attention and focus on actually making the game instead of being stuck with discussions and not getting to the creation process part worked on much.

Going from the vision of the game, the inspiration to actually working on using all the focus to creating the game, the worries of any issues after the creations can be revised and looked after finally having some development made so the game can be tested and played around with.